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  • Shahi Gur Khasta Gajak (450g)


    Weight 450g Put it in your mouth. Feel the rich blend of the ingredients rolling on your tongue. With the…

  • Shahi Kaju Pista Gur Gajak (450g)


    Weight 450g The peculiar flavors of cashew nuts and pistachio combine with the classic mix of sesame, jaggery, sugar and…

  • Shahi Shakkar Khasta Gajak (450g)


    Weight 450g The sweetness of sugar and ṭhe wholesomeness of cardamom merge with sesame to form this unique product which…

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  • Shahi Kaju Pista Shakkar Gajak (450g)


    Weight 450g Overloaded with a punch of sesame, cashew nuts, pistachio, cardamom, this is an eclectic creation with a rich,…