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Shahi Desi Chikki
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Shahi Desi Chikki (400g)

Shahi Desi Chikki
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Shahi Desi Chikki (200g)

Shahi Desi Chikki
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Shahi Desi Chikki (20pc.)

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Harnessing the Crunch: Health
Benefits of Shahi Desi Chikki


A Boost for Mom and Baby

During pregnancy, cravings take center stage, and choosing wisely matters. Snacking on Shahi Desi Chikki during your pregnancy can aid the child's growth. It provides essential nutrients like calcium and protein for the mother, ensuring a healthy pregnancy. Plus, it keeps blood sugar levels in check, making it an ideal choice for expectant mothers.


Diabetic-Friendly Delight

People with diabetes can rejoice with Shahi Desi Chikki as their snack of choice. Hand-made from diabetes-friendly jaggery, Shahi Desi Chikki won't spike blood sugar levels. Packed with crucial fats and carbohydrates, it supports calcium absorption for diabetics. While its glycemic index is low, moderation remains key. Check with your diabetes doctor about how much you should eat daily.


Aids in Shedding Pounds

Surprisingly, Shahi Desi Chikki can help curb cravings, being a protein-rich snack that keeps you full longer. Enjoy it as a pre or post-workout snack to fuel your body. Shahi Desi Chikki supports muscle growth, contributing to fat reduction—a delightful addition to a weight loss journey.


Heart-Healthy Crunch

Peanuts, often blamed for cholesterol, when mixed with jaggery in Shahi Desi Chikki does more good than harm. Jaggery helps control blood sugar levels, while fatty acids assist in clearing potential blockages. It aids in reducing bad cholesterol levels, promoting a healthy heart. A little piece of Shahi Desi Chikki can be a boon for your heart.


Glowing Skin, Inside Out

Jaggery's blood purification properties, present in Shahi Desi Chikki, detoxify the blood, translating to a radiant complexion. Improved blood flow supports flawless skin, reducing acne. Its anti-inflammatory properties combat skin issues like eczema, promoting a healthy complexion.


Golden Years Nourishment

Older people can find solace in Shahi Desi Chikki, as it offers essential nutrients and minerals vital during this stage of life. Shahi Desi Chikki completes the mineral requirements for the elderly, a perfect post-meal treat for your beloved grandparents.


Battling the Blues

Peanuts, a key ingredient in Shahi Desi Chikki, boost brain function. Vitamin B12 enriched Shahi Desi Chikki enhances brain performance and memory. Consuming Shahi Desi Chikki elevates serotonin levels, the "happy hormone," providing a mood lift when needed. Next time you're feeling low, a piece of Shahi Desi Chikki might just be the sweet solution!

Types of Shahi Desi Chikki Available Online!

Our Peanut Jaggery Chikki is available in:

400g | 200g | 20g (Pocket Chikki)

Get Your Chikki Questions Answered

Chikki FAQs

Do you have questions about chikki? 

Here are some common queries:

How to make chikki?

Learn to make chikki at home with our easy peanut chikki recipe.

Is chikki good for weight loss?

Chikki can be part of a balanced diet during weight loss when consumed in moderation.

Is chikki good for your health?

Yes, chikki is a healthy snack option due to its nutrient-rich ingredients like peanuts and jaggery.

Is jaggery chikki good for your health?

Jaggery chikki is a healthier alternative to sugary sweets, offering the benefits of jaggery.

Can I eat peanut chikki during pregnancy?

Pregnant individuals can enjoy peanut chikki in moderation, but consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

Can we eat chikki during a diet?

Chikki can be part of your diet in moderation as an occasional treat.

Does chikki contain sugar?

Yes, chikki contains sugar, primarily from jaggery, which gives it a sweet flavour. Enjoy it as a sweet and nutritious snack.