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Buy Best Gajak Online in India: Winter is the Best Time to Buy!

Do You Love Gajak? Gajak, a sweet delicacy is made from the blend of sesame seeds, cardamom and Gur.  It is a delicacy so blissful that it leaves the bursting of flavours lingering in your mouth, only wanting to pick up one more piece. Not just the taste, but even the benefits of Gajak make […]

Nutritional Value of Peanut Chikki: All You Need To Know!

How Many Calories Does One Piece Peanut Chikki Have? One piece of peanut Chikki has approximately 79 Calories which makes a total of 4% of the daily amount of required calories. Now if you break down the calories you’ll find that carbohydrates account for 39 calories, fat accounts for 32 calories and proteins account for […]

What Are The Different Types of Chikki?

Desi Chikki You probably know what a Chikki is, you might have relished the sweet & salty taste hundreds of times during childhood. It’s such an iconic sweet delicacy that has captured so many memories for us. The times sure have changed and with it, we see a lot of new flavors coming into the […]

Is Chikki Good for Weight Loss

Who doesn’t like to be in good shape? Models, actors, teachers, painters, someone in their 30s! Well, most people would love to be fit & lean. This blog is for all those people who follow a healthy diet plan or make a face when they say no to their sweet cravings! Did you know that […]

Is Chikki Good For Health?

A delicious traditional dessert, Chikki is mostly remembered for its crispiness, aromatic aftertaste and immunity-building properties. For those who don’t know, Chikki is a rich amalgamation of peanuts & jaggery that serves as a power-pack snack on the go. This natural sweet snack is filled with health benefits. Some might even find some beauty benefits […]

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