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Gajak Recipe: How To Make Gajak At Home (Gajak Banane ki Vidhi)

Gajak Recipe (Gajak Banane ki Vidhi) In the winter, we all crave warm Gajaks, which come in several shapes and sizes, and flavors. It’s a crispy-textured treat that’s also a popular Lohri recipe that’s simple to make at home. It is traditionally made with jaggery and sesame seeds and gets used to keep the body […]

5 Different Types of Gajak You’ll Love!

Gajak When it comes to winter foods, saag, jaggery, make ki roti, and gajak have become favorites. For those unfamiliar, gajak is a sweet winter delicacy, also known as chikki or patti. It is the most well-known wintersweet from north-central India. It is a jaggery-sweetened dry sweet made of sesame seeds or peanuts. Sesame seeds […]

Sesame Seeds Benefits for Skin

Sesame seeds, which come in black and white varieties, add a nutty and crunchy flavor and texture to your dishes. The benefits include improved skin, hair, and overall health. They also add flavor to your meals with their mildly nutty flavor and provide many essential vitamins and minerals. There is no doubt that these seeds […]

Sesame Seeds With Jaggery Health Benefits

Sesame Seeds With Jaggery Two of the most popular winter ingredients are sesame seeds (til) and jaggery (gur). They get widely used in various winter recipes, particularly and the combination is not only delicious, but it is also healthy. Because of their warming properties, they are commonly consumed during the winter season. When combined with […]

What is Gajak: Preparation, Varieties, Benefits & More!

Gajak is most craved during winters. They are so crispy, delicious and are binge-worthy healthy snacks. Its texture and rich flavours win hearts and keep us warm for decades. This traditional winter snack comes in various shapes, flavours, and sizes. What is Gajak made of? Gajak is a blend of jaggery, sesame seeds and cardamom. […]

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