Our Story

Imagine Gwalior, a city rich in culture and history - that's where our sweet adventure began in 1978. We are Shahi Food Products, Gwalior, and our journey of taste embodies the essence of this beautiful city. It started with a passion for creating delightful memories, devoid of fancy machines but filled with pure love.

At Shahi Food Products, quality isn't just a standard; it's our heritage. For over four decades, we've held our sweets to the highest standards of excellence. Every sweet, especially our renowned Gajak, is a testament to our unwavering focus on quality and taste. We take immense pride in upholding the rich legacy of Gwalior, where every sweet tells a story of generations dedicated to perfecting the art of confectionery. Our Gajak, celebrated as the "King of Sweets," mirrors the dreams and aspirations of our founders, embodying a pursuit of not just taste, but happiness and contentment.

In the heart of Gwalior, where the roots of our Gajak empire lie, we adhere to a cherished tradition - manpower over machinery. Our sweets are handcrafted with care and passed down through the Gwalior family, where artisans work diligently to ensure the authenticity and richness of every bite. We believe in a sustainable future, which is why we embrace green measures, prioritizing hygiene and sustainability in our production processes.

Our Reach

Our sweets have travelled far and wide, bringing joy to sweet enthusiasts across India. From the busy streets of Delhi to the vibrant markets of Mumbai, the taste of Shahi Food Products is celebrated everywhere. Our sweets have found a home in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Assam, New Delhi, Karnataka, Jaipur, Chennai, and many more cities across India.

And guess what?

We've even crossed borders, sharing the joy of Indian flavours with friends in the UAE, Oman, Qatar, United Kingdom etc.

Why Choose Shahi Food Products, Gwalior?

When you choose us, you're not just getting a sweet; you're tasting a tradition, a heritage that we are proud to share. Every sweet is a story, every bite is a chapter, and every taste is a page turned in our sweet legacy. It's not just a sweet; it's an experience!

Our Showrooms

RMB Sweets stands as the pioneer among Shahi Food Products' showrooms. It's the first one, preserving the timeless tradition of making handmade traditional Indian sweets. From the rich taste of chikki and barfi to the delightful bite of laddoo and gajak, you can find a wide array of traditional sweets to savor here.

Next is Shan Shaukat (Gwalior’s 1st Mithai & Chaat Showroom), a unique showroom where flavors and experiences blend seamlessly. In this vibrant showroom, you're not just getting sweets and chaat items which are handmade; you're stepping into a delightful journey. With a variety of mithai, chaats, and even gift hampers, Shan Shaukat offers an engaging and aspirational experience that tickles your taste buds and leaves you craving for more.

At the heart of Gwalior lies our Flagship Showroom - Shahi Gwalior, Since 1978 at City Center. It's not just a place to get your favorite sweets, chaat, mithai, or hampers; it's an invitation to an exquisite experience. As you step inside, you're welcomed into an ambiance that speaks of warmth and elegance. Every bite here is not just a taste; it's an aspiration, an experience that lingers, making your visit truly special.

Our Signature Varieties

Traditional Indian Sweets

At Shahi Food Products, we specialize in the making of Traditional Indian sweets such as Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, Besan Laddoo, Morichoor Ladoo, Rasmalai, and more.

Milk-Based Sweets

We offer various milk-based traditional Indian hand-made sweets like Milk Cake, Malai Barfi, Milk Peda, Cham Cham, Rajbhog, Kalakand, and Milk Barfi.

Sugar-Free Sweets

If you are looking for healthy Indian sweets then indulge in our sugar-free Kaju Katli, Pista Barfi, Dry Fruit Ladoo, and more.

Dry Fruit Sweets

At Shahi Food Products, you'll find a delightful collection of sweets packed with delicious dry fruits like Kaju Katli, Badam Barfi, Anjeer Barfi, Kesar Pista Roll, and Dry Fruit Ladoo.

Bengali Sweets

Shahi Food Products also brings to you a variety of beloved Bengali sweets like Sandesh, Cham Cham, and different types of Rosogolla.

Seasonal & Festive Sweets

Shahi Food Products unveils special sweets during festive seasons such as Diwali, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, and more. These may feature unique twists on traditional sweets or seasonal delights to make your celebrations even sweeter.


At Shahi Food Products, our range of chaat items is a burst of flavors and textures. Indulge in the crispiness of pani-puri, a delightful explosion of spicy and tangy goodness. Savory sev puri tantalizes your taste buds with its mix of crispy sev, chutney, and veggies. Bite into our kachoris and savor the spicy filling, or relish the goodness of samosas, perfectly fried and generously filled. With each bite, you embark on a journey of taste, where every chaat item tells a unique story of Indian street food, making every visit to our outlets a delightful adventure.

Chappan Bhog

Introducing 'Chhappan Bhog' at Shahi Food Products—an impressive array of 56 delectable sweets. In line with the essence of 'bhog' or 'prasad,' these treats are meant to delight your taste buds and offer a sense of divine indulgence. The unique selling proposition lies in the convenience and variety it offers available under one roof, you get to enjoy a staggering 56 different delectable prasad items. This initiative began in our shop, aiming to make these divine feasts accessible to all without any hassle.

Unwrapping Delight: Shahi Food Products' Gift Hamper

With a rich heritage of culinary excellence spanning over generations, Shahi Food Products has mastered the art of creating gift hampers that please the senses and bring joy to both the giver and the receiver.

Variety of Treats - Readymade hampers or assorted mithais and dry fruits - starting ₹600

Shahi Food Products' gift hampers are a true treasure trove of delicious delights. Our readymade hampers or assorted mithais and fruits is the perfect gift for any occasion or celebration. Starting at just ₹600, our variety of treats present in our hampers will leave your loved ones feeling special!

Beautiful Packaging

Each hamper is elegantly designed, showcasing the brand's commitment to excellence. The use of vibrant colors, intricate detailing, and premium materials adds a touch of luxury to the overall presentation. Shahi Food Products' gift hampers are not just a collection of delicious treats; they are a visual delight that heightens the anticipation and excitement of receiving such a thoughtful gift.

Customization & Personal Touch

Shahi Food Products knows that everyone has unique preferences. To cater to this, we offer various customization options for their gift hampers. Whether you want specific sweets or snacks included, or wish to add a personal message or logo to the packaging, Shahi Food Products ensures that your gift is tailored to your liking.

Perfect for All Occasions

Shahi Food Products' gift hampers aren't limited to specific occasions; they are designed to celebrate and cherish every moment in life. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, festival, corporate event, or any other special occasion, Shahi Food Products' gift hampers are an ideal choice. With Shahi Food Products' gift hampers, you can make any occasion even more memorable and delightful.

Meet Our Visionaries

Let us introduce you to the magic-makers - Raj Kumar Shivhare, the flavour wizard who set this delicious journey in motion, along with his son and daughter, Galav Raj Shivhare, and Devika Raj Shivhare, the energetic forces propelling our brand towards global recognition. Together, they carry the legacy of crafting authentic Indian sweets.

Raj Kumar Shivhare


Galav Raj Shivhare

Managing Director

Devika Raj Shivhare