Buy Best Gajak Online in India: Winter is the Best Time to Buy!

Buy Best Gajak Online in India

Do You Love Gajak?

Gajak, a sweet delicacy is made from the blend of sesame seeds, cardamom and Gur.  It is a delicacy so blissful that it leaves the bursting of flavours lingering in your mouth, only wanting to pick up one more piece. Not just the taste, but even the benefits of Gajak make it more appealing. 

Most people who love Gajak know that there is a season to enjoy it. Yes, the winter is when the process of Gajak making happens all over India. It is the time when you don’t have to explore the markets to find your favourite snack.

Best Gajak in India

In India, you’ll find famous & unforgettable Gajaks in Uttar Pradesh & Madhya Pradesh. The famous crispy and textured sweet is widely available all over the states. If you are looking for traditional and handcrafted Gajaks, you’ll find yourself ending up with Shahi Food Products’ Shahi Gajak. 

Shahi Food Products has been creating delicious and crispy Gajaks for decades. What you can be sure about Shahi Gajak is, you’ll enjoy the same taste over the years with hassle-free deliveries.  

Which Gajak is Best?

Shahi Food Products has a variety of Gajaks available in the market – Gur Khasta, Kaju Khasta, Shakkar Khasta, and Kaju Pista. Each piece tastes different as it is made from different ingredients. People who enjoy Kaju or Pista will surely fall in love with those Gajaks and those who do not have a particular type will enjoy any.

The recommended Gajak would be the Gur Khasta Gajak. Made from sesame seeds and pure jaggery, this Gajak stands in a league of its own. Its unbeatable taste lingers in the mouth long after having a piece. A simple Gur Khasta Gajak could be the starting point for entering the world of delightful Gajaks.

Another added benefit of this Gajak is, you don’t have to worry about your sugar intake as Jaggery is unrefined sugar. It has zero impact on your blood sugar levels plus, it is considered healthy to consume it after meals.

Best Gajak Manufacturer in India

India is rich in the production of Gajak, it’s no surprise that there are various Gajak manufacturers. You can get your hands on one of the finest Gajaks across India in no time. Here’s a list of the best Gajak manufacturers in India, that can give you the winter sweet you crave so bad!

  1. Shahi food Products – Gwalior
  2. Narayanji Gajakwale Pvt Ltd – Rajasthan
  3. Khatri Tilpatti Bhandar – Rajasthan

8 Places You Must Travel To This Winter For The Best Gajak Treat

People who are obsessed with food or who are big-time foodies can travel miles for their favourites. Similar to food, some people have high cravings for sweets. Adding to their cravings and urging you to explore a bit, if you ever wish to travel to taste one of the finest delicacies, you should visit these places this winter!

1. Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

Everyone in Gwalior knows that Shahi Food Products is famous for Gajaks among other sweets. You won’t be disappointed in coming all the way down for tasting Gajak. Be prepared to be served with one of the finest, hand-made Gajak of all time! Especially during the winter season, the stores are jam-packed with people ordering their favourite Shahi Gajak.

2. Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

People say that Meerut’s Kaju Patti & roll Gajak is to die for! People from nearby areas travel especially to get their hands on these yummy sweets. If you are planning to visit Meerut, this is an additional reason to hit the city!

3. Rohtak, Haryana

People say, Rohtak offers one of the finest dry fruit Gajak and should you ever find yourself craving one, you know where to visit! The local stores here are famous for all the sweet cravings you are looking for!

4. Agra, Uttar Pradesh

The name Agra might remind you of Pethas, but they are also famous for Gajaks! Yes, especially, the local stores serve incredibly crispy Gajaks.

5. Delhi, New Delhi

Everyone knows Delhi is famous for street food and who can ever forget the famous dishes of North India thriving in the streets! Adding to your knowledge, you’ll find one of the finest Gajak in Delhi! If you do plan to visit Delhi this winter, do find some time to try Kinnari’s Gajak.

6. Bikaner, Rajasthan

Everyone might know that Bikaner can be called the food capital after Jodhpur & Jaipur, oh no, wait, we can’t really compare these cities when it’s about sweets!  Anyways, whenever you are in Bikaner, do visit Bikaner to find your delicious winter snack!

7. Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

People from Bhopal probably know the city has world-class Gajaks & other sweets. especially the shakkar Gajak. Although there is a lot of trivia about the city that makes it once in a while a city to visit, now, you have another!

8. Morena, Madhya Pradesh

Another reason to visit Madhya Pradesh would be Morena. Their sesame jaggery Gajak is a must-try. You won’t have to find your way to the shop, the billboards will take you there!

Which State Is Famous For Gajak?

People can travel anywhere in India to taste one of the finest Gajaks. Sure some people have fixed preferences, but those who like to explore can definitely visit these states. You’ll taste some of the amazing Gajaks here for sure. These states offer one of the finest Gajaks in India!

Let’s check out which states give us the best Gajaks of all time.

  • Rajasthan
  • Lucknow
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Delhi
  • Haryana

People from all over India can satiate their cravings by trying these Gajaks. I’m sure these places do not need any advertising. Once you try these yummy Gajaks you’ll definitely consider coming back for more.

The Bottom Line

With winter and the festive season around the corner, need I say anything about heading to our nearest stores and buying your pack of our delicacies? There will be endless reasons to try our famous Gajak, so why wait, when you can stock up with our best now?

Buy Best Gajak in India Now Online

Shahi Food Products has been making traditional sweets for decades. Most of them are hand-made even today, just to deliver you an unparalleled taste. You can now buy Gajak online and enjoy hassle-free, safe and timely deliveries from your favourite sweet manufacturer. You can place a quick order here.

Why Shahi Food’s Gajak is Best In India?

Shahi Food Products is known to make their Gajak hand-made even today and that is why you always taste only the best with us. We take pride in preserving decades-old recipes and always serve them with love and care.

From humble beginnings to finding its place on the shelves of the stores in every major city to being exported outside India, Shahi Food Products has left a lingering taste on the tongues of every food connoisseur. And this can be found in each of their Gajak since 1976!


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