What is Chikki: Preparation, Varieties, Benefits & More!

What is Chikki: Preparation, Varieties, Benefits

Anyone who enjoys the rainy season would definitely know where to explore, who to go out with and what snacks to munch on! While pakodas and chai are unbeatable, so are bhuttas and Chikki!

Although there isn’t a set rule or day to enjoy a delicious Chikki, most people prefer to have it during winter or whenever it gets a bit cold. For those who still can’t place what Chikki is, let’s simplify it for you!

Really, What Are Chikkis?

Chikkis are a traditional Indian sweet made from jaggery & the only nuts commonly known to us – Peanuts! It is a terrific concoction of something sweet & salty that gives a nutty aftertaste with a burst of Jaggery. Now, there are various types of Chikki’s available in the market, because why not? But before we jump into them, let’s explore what is Chikki made of.

Decoding Chikki: What Is It Made Of?

As mentioned earlier, you find mostly two ingredients in a Chikki – Jaggery & Peanut. But since it is famous all over India, and people from different cultures, and regions add a little something extra to it. Hence, you’ll find a lot of variety of Chikki’s across India. Like some people would like to add dry fruits, sesame seeds, cereals and whatnot.

Varieties in Chikki

1. Peanut Chikki

One of the classy Chikki that’s known to the world is a delicious balance of Jaggery & peanuts. It is the most basic form of Chikki and you’ll literally have no problem getting your hands on this. Most manufacturers start their Chikki production with the basic and then move on to the other types.

2. Sesame Chikki

Another common variety in Chikki is the one made with Seasme or known as Til. Sesame seeds keep the body warm. For that reason, most people have Til Chikki during winter. The only ingredients used here are Jaggery & Til.

3. Dry Fruit Chikki

Going a bit further some Chikkis are made up of cashew nuts, pistachios, almonds and so on. These Chikkis are delicious to the core as they have rich blends of nuts. People who enjoy the royal nuts tend to find themselves drawn toward a dry fruit Chikki.

4. Gulab Badam Chikki

It ain’t a surprise that after Gulab Jamun you’d find the aromatic flavour in Chikki. Who wouldn’t like the amalgamation of Badam & Gulab? Such a Chikki is a perfect snack for the evening or something to last after a meal.

5. Makhna Chikki

Finally, we have an option for the health-conscious! Although Chikki is considered as healthy for those sugar-conscious people, they can indulge in Makhna Chikki. It has pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, dates and honey. Wow, that surely makes it a diet-rich yet delectable Chikki anyone can have!

Chikki Recipe: How To Make Chikki At Home

Those who would like to try a homemade version of Chikki can surely try this yummy dessert at their convenience. Let’s explore how to make a basic version of Chikki – Peanut Chikki at home.


Peanuts: 40 g

Jaggery: 30 g


Step 1: Dry roast Peanuts on a medium-low flame for 1-2 mins. Turn off the flame when the colour of Peanuts changes.

Step 2: Heat 2-3 tablespoons of water and add it jaggery. Wait for the jaggery to dissolve and once it’s done, add roasted Peanuts.

Step 3: Cook the mixture for one minute until it turns semi-solid and then turn off the flame.

Step 4: Place them on a cool plate and cut them into small pieces.

Step 5. Store the pieces in air-tight boxes only once they’ve cooled down.

Benefits of Chikki

Here are a few health benefits of Chikki:

1. Maintains Heart Health

Chikki helps to fight the bad cholesterol and maintains heart health. Jaggery in Chikki helps in maintaining sugar & blood pressure levels. Peanuts on the other hand are packed with mono-saturated fatty acids that help in fighting coronary diseases.

2. Helps In Growth & Development

Amino acids are great for the growth & development of children. These are found abundantly in Chikki which makes it great for growing children. Peanuts are heavy in nature which turns out to be a great snack item for kids as they will keep them full for a long time.

3. Keeps The Skin Healthy

Jagger is known to have anti-inflammatory properties which make it a great solution for eczema & psoriasis. Peanuts are high in Zinc & Vitamin C which makes them great for the skin. So if you wish to have clear & healthy skin, add a little chunk of Peanut Chikki to your diet.  

4. Nutrients In Chikki

Jaggery is commonly known as unrefined sugar which is a whole lot healthy than sugar and very addictive too. It is known as a blood purifier and has high levels of magnesium too. It has several nutrients which make Chikki a nutritional powerhouse and a healthy source of energy.

Jaggery also has high levels of iron and potassium which makes it great for the body. Such contents boost the production of blood that’s why people have Chikki during winter. It keeps the body warm & healthy.

5. Chikki Related FAQs

Is Chikki Good For Weight Loss?

Having Chikki keeps you full for longer durations while giving your body the nutrients it needs. It is said that Chikkis are used to control diet urges. So a little amount might be good for weight loss.

Is Chikki Good For Health?

Yes, Chikki is a powerhouse of energy & has many nutritional benefits. Jaggery is great for maintaining sugar levels while giving your body all the sweet it needs. A small amount of Chikki every now and then is okay for the body.

Is Jaggery Chikki Good For Health?

Yes. Chikki contains Jaggery which is high in iron, potassium, and magnesium and maintains heart health. Peanuts, on the other hand, are full of amino acids which are great for the skin. So a chunk of Chikki after meals or during tea time won’t hurt you anyway.

Can I Eat Peanut Chikki During Pregnancy?

Chikki is high in folic acid which is a plus point for the growing baby. However, Chikki can be a bit warm so one must consult with a physician when to have Chikki during pregnancy. It also keeps diseases like asthma at bay in newborns.

Can We Eat Chikki During The Diet?

Yes. Chikki can help you reduce weight and is a healthy protein snack before or after the workout. It helps in muscle growth and keeps you full fighting your urge for cravings. However, the amount to be consumed should be discussed with your nutritionist once.

Does Chikki Contain Sugar?

Not necessarily. There are various types of Chikki’s available in the market, some are made from Jaggery and some from sugar. Jagger is unrefined sugar which doesn’t spike your blood sugar levels at all. So if you are sugar conscious you can always opt for Desi Chikki.

Does Chikki Make You Fat?

Any sweet can make you fat if not taken in moderation. Chikki is known to help aid in weight loss as it keeps you full for longer durations thereby fighting the cravings.

Is Chikki Good For Diabetics?

Gur Chikki or jaggery Chikki is good for diabetics as Jaggery doesn’t spike blood sugar levels. Diabetics can have Gur Chikki with course consulting once with a physician.

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