Is Gajak Good for Weight loss?

Love Gajak? Did you know, Gajak can help you lose weight? The rumour of losing weight through the sweetest way is true. Gajak is made with Jaggery and sesame seeds, which have proven health benefits. What we can say about them is, they both keep the body warm and healthy in ways you cannot even imagine.

As winters arrive, Indian’s will stock up on winter sweets. You, too, can enjoy the sweet moments of joy. Jaggery is good for the heart and sugar levels meaning, this winter, while everyone worries about their weight, you can indulge in your sweet pleasures without having a guilt trip. Read on to know how you can manage your weight with Gajak! 

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How Is Gajak Good for Weight Loss?

Like we’ve said, Jaggery is good for weight loss. To understand this, you should know how jaggery is made? First, the juice is extracted and then it is filtered to remove the impurities. Then the liquid is boiled in a large pan. The final step is where the juice is placed in the moulds and is left for some time to cool down.

This process lowers the sugar and fat contents in sugarcane and makes it good for the body. In other words, even if you eat jaggery regularly, it won’t spike your blood sugar level. Sesame seeds are also great for the body and have many health benefits.

Let’s explore how you can use Gajak to get in shape! We’ve found some ways that can help you to keep that tummy on track while you enjoy Gajak.

1. Gajak can be a great energy booster

Yes, you heard that right. Gajak is an energy-boosting healthy snack that can give you instant energy after a heavy workout. The good thing about having a Gajak is, it has less trans fat and, therefore, it will not affect your weight. Eat without cringing and stay fit with the goodness of Gajak.

2. Gajak is rich in fibre

Did you know most nuts are rich in fibre, and so is Gajak! These nuts and jaggery combinations are great for weight loss. You can balance your daily fibre needs with a small piece of Gajak. Jaggery, on the other hand, is great for the heart. Your body burns fat easily when you consume enough fibre daily. When you include Gajak in your diet, you will not only lose weight, but your body will stay in good health too.

3. Sesame seeds are a good source of protein

If you remember it correctly, you’ll notice, most protein bars have nuts and seeds. Sesame seeds are a good source of protein. Gajak is the combination of jaggery and sesame seeds which makes a traditional protein bar people have been consuming overwinters.

4. Gajak can help your body release fat-burning enzymes

You know, while working out, you also need to follow a good diet. What better way could it be than indulging in a healthy snack like Gajak? It’s true. Sesame seeds promote the production of fat-burning enzymes, which can help you lose weight easily.

5. Jaggery is an excellent blood purifier

Believe it or not, all your primary health issues arise from impure or disturbed blood levels. Jaggery can regulate your haemoglobin levels and purify the blood too. People with high haemoglobin levels are generally thin, whereas people who bloat up real soon have poor haemoglobin levels.

You can increase your haemoglobin levels by having a single piece of Gajak daily during winters. So if you are on a diet to reduce your weight, you should include Gajak in your list of healthy foods to eat.

6. Gajak kicks the digestion power

A small piece of Gajak, when consumed after a meal, can kick start your digestion. It speeds up the process of digestion and helps to maintain a healthy metabolism. A healthy metabolism will help you reduce weight faster. As it is known that high metabolism rates will help you burn calories and fats faster.

7. Gajak keeps your gut healthy

Did you know your gut has almost a million microbes that directly impacts your health? As mentioned above, having a piece of Gajak can improve your digestion and increase your metabolism; it can also keep your gut healthy. That means improving gut health can help you in weight loss.

8. Say goodbye to water weight

Gajak containing jaggery and sesame seeds are high in potassium. A great level of potassium increases the production of electrolytes in the body. What’s more, it can help you lose your water weight just like that. Jaggery, on the other hand, is an excellent weight-reducing agent.

Having Gajak in moderation can help you regularise your weight quickly. Now, isn’t that great!

The Final Word

Instead of switching between intermediate or keto dieting, you should just add a little piece of Shahi Gajak to your diet. Who would have thought that a small chunk of Gajak could help you lose weight in so many ways?

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