Gwalior’s Famous Sweet: Which Sweets Are Famous in Gwalior?

When we talk about Gwalior, the first thing that probably comes into the mind is tender, lip-smackingly delicious Gajaks. Everyone who knows Gwalior would probably want to get their hands on traditional Khasta Gajaks. But there are more sweets in the market than just one. You can fill your sweet cravings with other delicate and delicious traditional sweets you’ll find in the markets of Gwalior.

The culinary streets of Gwalior have more to offer than just a few. Harping on the traditional recipes, you’ll be more than delighted to explore the authentic taste of this city. From Gulab jamun to chikki, you’ll find yourself indulging in every sweet dish of Gwalior.

Which Sweets Are Famous in Gwalior?

You might have many sweets; some may be from around the world while others are from around the corners. But if you ever visit Gwalior, you should try these without fail. We are sure you’ll be leaving the city with delicious memories making you revisit the sweet city.

Let’s explore the names of popular Gwalior sweets.

1. Gajak

You might have had many from various places or even know Gwalior is popular for Shahi Gajak. You can indulge to your heart’s content with Shahi Gajak that is available in various eclectic flavours. Kaju, pista, khasta, shakkar and gudd. Could you wish for any more flavours?

Everyone from the city knows where to find the perfect Gwalior ki Gajak. Overloaded with a punch of sesame seeds and gur, Gajak has a very flavourful taste. With each bite, you’ll find yourself losing in the traditional recipe handmade from decades ago. 

2. Chikki

Who can forget the crispy and non-sticky peanut taste of a super-fine Chikki? You might have tried many over the years, but have you ever found yourself indulging in Gwalior’s Chikki? The city is known to preserve traditional taste; hence in most shops, you’ll find traditional recipes handcrafted by the people, not technology.

You can sweeten your day with top-grade peanuts and gur blended together to satisfy your sweet cravings. You can try this traditional Chikki from the best shops in Gwalior.

3. Kaju Katli

There isn’t anyone who could resist the creamy taste of Kaju Katli. Also known as Kaju Barfi, each piece is made with quality cashews, milk and edible silver foils. The diamond-shaped sweets are a festive favourite indulgent that most people want to get their hands on.

If you haven’t tasted the royal pieces of silver cashew goodness, try it today, and you’ll know what we are talking about. You’ll be surprised to find that Gwalior’s famous Kaju Katli has the same taste as it had years ago.

4. Til laddu

Til ke Laddu is a healthy, crunchy and tasty nutty laddu made with sesame seeds and jaggery. These laddus are a Makar Sankranti famous treat and mostly are consumed during January. Sesame seeds keep the body warm, and that is why it is a popular choice during the winter season.

You can explore all the festive flavours in Gwalior. The city is high on traditions and authenticity. For that reason, you will always find yourself drawn to these festive sweets. Some recipes also have desiccated coconut and peanuts to add extra flavour. 

5. Motichoor laddu

Motichoor laddu is a soft, delicious mouthwatering sweet made from gram flour, sugar and garnishes. The popular sweet of north India is made by frying the gram flour batter into tiny balls or boondis and then soaked in sugar syrup and moulded into round balls.

Motichoor laddus are often preferred during popular festivals of India. These soft, tender and delicious laddus are a pure treat for the mouth. If you ever happen to visit Gwalior, you should try these delish treats to know what we are talking about.

The Bottom line

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