Health Benefits Of Til Ke Laddu: 12 Reasons To Add In Your Winter Diet

Winter is that time of the year when you crave food constantly. Finding healthy options to munch might be challenging, but does it have to be? What if you could binge on the winter sweets and still stay healthy? Can’t believe it? Let’s change your perception!

You might have heard of Til Ke Laddu, aka sesame seed balls! That’s a mouthful, pun intended. Anyways, are you aware of the health benefits these Til Ke Laddu come with?

It is believed that sesame seeds have multiple benefits, from preventing cancer to aiding weight loss! Read on to know more such benefits and reasons to add Til Ke Laddu in your winter diet.

What is Til Ke Laddu?

Til Ke Laddu or sesame laddus are traditional Indian sweet balls made with jaggery, sesame, ghee and cardamom powder. These laddus are popular in the northern & central regions and are mainly consumed during winters. Til ke laddu are crunchy, and yummy one can munch on them for instant energy.

Some recipes of Til Ke Laddu twist the taste by adding desiccated coconut, adding a coconutty flavour to it. Most people find these laddus irresistible during the Til Sankranti or Makar Sankranti. Yeah, there is a whole festival around Til Ke Laddu! With so many people munching them during winters, you might be thinking can you indulge in some and not worry about your health? Well, yes, you can!

Til Ke Laddu Nutrition Facts

Did you know, Til Ke Laddu is rich in iron and calcium? They have sesame seeds in them, which are a great source of calcium. Not just calcium, sesame seeds are rich in a number of nutrients. Let’s have a look at the nutrients you get from til ke laddu:

  • Phosphorus
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium 

Til Ke laddu are also a good source of proteins that help you in building stronger bones, muscles and tissues in the body.

Sesame seeds are a good source of vitamin B, which helps in blood growth and cell repair. Wow, those are great benefits of eating Til Ke Laddu! So now you know what does a Til Ka Laddu offer rather than just keeping you warm.

One Til ka Laddu roughly gives 62 calories, meaning 3% of daily protein to the body. These laddus are perfect for growing children who consume a lot of energy every day.

Did we tell you, other than nutritional benefits, til ke laddus have numerous health benefits too? Health-conscious people can crunch some laddus once in a while without passing a wry smile to traditional sweets.

12 Health benefits of Til Ke Laddu

Hulled or unhulled sesame seeds are beneficial for the body. Fashioned with jaggery til laddu can help you maintain a healthy balance of nutrients and energy in the body.

Let’s explore the health benefits of til ke laddu.

1. Good source of fibre

Til Ke Laddu are made from oil-rich seeds, which makes them a great source of fibre. Eating fibres is helpful in keeping heart disease and obesity at bay. It doesn’t spike your blood sugar levels instantly and having a til ka laddu wouldn’t harm your body for sure.

2. It can lower your cholesterol

Sesame seeds are helpful in lowering your cholesterol levels as they have 41% of polyunsaturated fats. According to a study, polyunsaturated fats are helpful in lowering cholesterol levels.

You know that lower cholesterol = healthy heart, right? There’s more. Sesame seeds have plant compounds that have cholesterol-lowering properties. So have a til ka laddu to keep your heart healthy.

3. Improves digestives issues

Like we’ve said, Til Ke Laddu are high in fibre, and they help balance the digestive issues. If you have issues like constipation and diarrhoea, having a til ka laddu once in a while might put an end to it.

Eating a high fibre diet can lead to a healthier life, and adding more fibre to your food can also help you to reduce weight.

4. Healthy skin and hair

Did you know zinc is a vital nutrient in til ka laddu? More zinc means healthy hair and skin. On the other hand, sesame seed oil is rich in Vitamin E, which reduces premature ageing too. The sesame seeds strengthen the skin and muscles, which helps you to stay younger.

Eating sesame seeds also reduces the appearance of marks on the skin. So, if you want healthy skin, grab some til ke laddus this winter.

5. Plenty of plant protein

Protein is essential for the body to grow and develop. There’s a reason why they call protein building blocks of the body. Til ke Laddu is a nutritious source of plant protein. So, while you are munching on your favourite snack, you are fueling your body with some much-needed protein. 

Til ke laddu are high in two amino acids – methionine and cysteine. These are amino acids that you won’t be found in other legumes.

6. It can lower your blood pressure

Til ke laddu are high in magnesium which means they are good for the heart by lowering the blood pressure. Additionally, vitamin E and other antioxidants prevent the buildup of plaque in the arteries.

It is a known fact that people who balance their magnesium intake reduce their heart issues.

7. It can prevent cancer

Can you imagine, when you munch on your favourite sweet, you prevent cancer? The organic components in Sesame seeds prevent the DNA from the radiation ways that can harm them.    

Therefore, this delicious snack keeps cancer at bay by cell mutation. Wow, who thought a small laddu could work wonders here!

8. Want stronger bones? You got it

Jagger and sesame seeds are known to provide the body with the necessary quota of proteins. Not just the proteins, these laddus are rich in magnesium, calcium and zinc, which are helpful in the development of the bones.

Til ke laddu are an ideal snack for growing children as they use up energy faster than adults. And the powerhouse of energy is reloaded with this sweet but nutritional snack instantly.

9. Anti-inflammatory properties

Research says that til ke laddu has anti-inflammatory properties. Meaning, you can rely on til ke laddu to be your coolant during winters. Having a little laddu can soothe your inflammation if you have any.

These are helpful in people who have kidney diseases as they are more likely to develop inflammation. Adding this sweet snack to your diet might save you from the after-effects of inflammation.

10. A great source of antioxidants

Now, who doesn’t like to stay fit and look great? These laddus are a great source of antioxidants that will help to reduce the free radicals in the body. Meaning, having a laddu might lower the chances of you catching heart diseases and more.

The antioxidants in the laddu help fight cell damage and lower the risk of chronic diseases. Phew, now that’s a yum way to keep diseases at bay!

11. Increases immunity

While facing the COVID-19 pandemic, who doesn’t want to boost their immunity? Til ke laddu, on the other hand, are full of Vitamin B, E, zinc, iron, calcium, selenium, magnetism and what better way to boost your immunity while indulging in a sweet tooth?

Think about it; the next time you might want to avoid those laddus, just think of the benefits you’d be digesting with a sweet taste.

12. It doesn’t spike blood sugar levels

One of the best benefits of having a til ka laddu guilt-free is it won’t spike your blood sugar levels. Why? Because it doesn’t have sugar, it has jaggery, which also works as a blood purifier.

On the other hand, sesame seeds are low in carbs and high in proteins. This is a great combination to manage your blood sugar levels.

The Bottom Line

Til ke laddu has more benefits than you can ever imagine. It’s not just a small piece of traditional sweets; it’s a traditional recipe that has been there for generations spreading more than sweetness.

Now, you feel like biting a laddu? Explore the variety of til laddu handcrafted by Shahi Foods today! Indulge in the traditional taste preserved over decades for you! Open the box of traditions this winter and wrap yourself in the flavours of Shahi Til Laddu. Order yours now.


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