20 Superfoods For Boosting Your Immune System

Immunity-Boosting Superfoods

Superfood. What pops in your mind when you hear this? According to the definition, superfoods are nutrient-rich foods that are considered healthy for the body. These foods are also known to strengthen or help you build up immunity. Now, who wouldn’t want a healthy body with strong immunity after what we have endured during the pandemic?

Apart from exercises and healthy sleeping habits, the one thing anyone should be focusing on is keeping their diet healthy. When it comes down to eating healthy, let’s see what food items you can incorporate into your diet to boost your immunity.    

20 Superfoods for Your Immune System

You are constantly exposed to germs, viruses, bacterias and more. That is why it becomes critical to focus on the right food that can support your body and build immunity. The benefit of consuming healthy food is, your body has the good soldiers to fight against foreign bodies.

Here are 20 superfoods that will help boost immunity: 

1. Turmeric

Turmeric has bioactive compounds with medicinal properties. It also has curcumin, which is an anti-inflammatory compound. This helps the body to fight foreign bodies and allows the body to heal better. Consuming turmeric regularly decreases the risk of heart diseases.

2. Citrus Fruits

It is known that citrus fruits are high in Vitamin C. The presence of this Vitamin aids in the formation of white blood cells. Since Vitamin C is water-soluble, it is not retained by the body. For that reason, you need to consume it regularly. Recently when the pandemic hit us, we all ran to get vitamin C tablets. So, it is known that fruits with high vitamin C content can boost your immunity.

3. Ginger

Ginger has a very old history of being a powerful traditional medicine. For health reasons, people include ginger in their diet. From anti-inflammatory to Alzheimer’s disease, ginger helps you more than you can imagine. Ginger is also known to control your blood sugar and keep you in good health. So, if you are keen on keeping your body healthy and fit, then ginger is a must-have for you.

4. Garlic

Just like ginger, garlic has medicinal properties. From keeping your blood sugar in control to extending your life, garlic has proven to be helpful in many ways. It also improves your bone health which means it keeps your body healthy and fit. 

5. Amla

Amla, or Indian gooseberry, has many proven benefits.  From diabetes control, better digestion to healthier eyes, there are so many benefits of consuming amla. One of the direct benefits of consuming amla is it boosts your immunity as it has high contents of Vitamin C.

6. Spinach

The benefits of spinach are known universally. Apart from being high in iron, there is a reason why it is on our list. Spinach is packed with vitamin c and carotene. Both are responsible for boosting your immunity and giving your body a chance to fight back.

7. Green Tea

Green tea is rich in phenolics, antioxidants and also flush out the toxins from the body. These sources also help in boosting the immunity system and protecting the body from harmful pathogens. So, there you have a solution that can build your body’s immunity for good.  

8. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are known to give you a good night’s sleep. Not just sleep, mushrooms are known to have medicinal properties. Mushrooms are antioxidants, brain boosters, and hormone helpers. As you know, there are types of mushrooms. Each type has its benefits. Which means you’ll benefit differently from the types of mushrooms. Some might fight depression, while some mushrooms keep the immune system in check.

9. Yoghurt

Yoghurt with probiotics is beneficial for your body as they help you build up your immunity. When consumed regularly, it can help you reduce the chances of contracting the illness. Having it with breakfast seems like a great way to start your day.

10. Nuts

Nuts have a variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are linked with plenty of health benefits. Almonds, cashews or walnuts are packed with fibre, calcium, zinc, iron and whatnot. Having any of these with your breakfast will only keep you healthy and fit for long.

11. Granola

It is no surprise that granola is healthy for your body. It has vitamins that boost up your immunity and help you against diseases like anaemia and cancer. It also has many antioxidants, which are good for the immune system.

12. Pumpkin Seeds

These seeds are included in the list because they are rich in vitamins and minerals like manganese and vitamin K. Pumpkin seeds also contain zinc. All these minerals and vitamins help heal wounds better and fight bacteria and viruses. On the other hand, these seeds also have vitamin E, which helps strengthen the immune system.

13. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a great source of fibre, fatty acids and much more. Adding them to your diet helps you improve your digestion, lowers cholesterol levels, and improves your skin texture. These also help you to stay fit and healthy, which boosts your immunity.

14. Cashews 

Grabbing a few cashews in the morning might boost your health and keep you away from the flu. Cashews’ high level of iron and zinc supports your body’s red blood cells and immune system. What’s more, cashews give your body the energy it needs. You can add cashews to your diet by relishing the delicious Kaju Pista Gur Gajak made with love by Shahi Food Products. 

15. Cardamom 

Cardamom is known to detoxify the blood and help protect the cells from damage. The antioxidants present in it prevents inflammation in the body. Not just this, it helps prevent ulcers and aids digestive issues too. With so many benefits, you too can add them to your diet.

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16. Jaggery

Jaggery is famous for being a traditional remedy for a lot of things like It is a blood purifier and keeps your body warm too. Another benefit of consuming jaggery instead of sugar would be enjoying the sweet flavour without spiking your blood sugar levels. You can add the goodness of jaggery to your diet by including Shahi Food Products Desi Chikki.

17. Sesame Seeds

It is also no surprise that sesame seeds are packed with several crucial nutrients like calcium, zinc, copper, iron, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, selenium. All these minerals help you keep your body healthy and help active white blood cells that fight the invading viruses, bacteria, microbes, etc.  

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18. Honey

Raw honey, on the other side, has shown cancer preventing and immune-boosting benefits. Honey, especially raw one has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Once the honey is processed, these nutrients are destroyed. Therefore, you should regularly include them in your diet as they also do not spike blood sugar levels.

19. Peanuts

Peanuts are known to be good fats. They keep your skin healthy and maintain its youthfulness and elasticity. They also raise the level of good cholesterol and manage the blood sugar level as well. In a nutshell, peanuts are good for your health and you can add them to your diet by having a Peanut Energy Bite from Shahi Food Products.

20. Pistachios

Last but not least, Pistachios have great health benefits and are rich in Vitamin B6. Adding them to your diet increases blood flow thereby, increasing your oxygen levels. Loaded with nutrients, these are high in fibre and have antioxidants. This makes them great for eye health. What’s more is, these are high in protein and low in carbs, which makes them perfectly healthy. Add the goodness of pistachios to your diet and indulge to your heart’s content with Kaju Pista Shakkar Ki Gajak.

The Final Word

A healthy body requires a sound immune system. While you can boost your immunity through these superfoods, you should also avoid indulging in unhealthy habits. You should have food items that are rich in minerals, nutrients, fibres, proteins and more. For that reason, you should be indulging more in granola and sesame seeds food items.

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