Is Til (Sesame) Ladoo Good for Weight Loss?

Everybody knows Sesame seeds or Til is a high source of protein and still rules the kitchen for its nutty and delicious flavour. These seeds are long known for their health benefits, let alone for garnishing. In ancient Ayurvedic studies, Sesame seeds are known to be beneficial for the heart, bones, blood, immunity and much more.

There’s more. Did you know, adding a til ka Ladoo to your diet can help you lose weight? Don’t believe it? Let’s see what science and facts have to say about it.

Sesame seeds contain compounds like zinc, iron, vitamins, omega-3 and more that give your body all the necessary vitamins and minerals. All these nutrients help support your heart and body in ways you cannot imagine. While it helps to balance your cholesterol levels, the most interesting factor will always be how it can help you lose weight.

Read on to know how Til Ladoo can help you burn belly fat and more.

Is Til (Sesame) Laddu Good for Weight Loss

A crucial way to lose weight is to eat healthily and work out a bit. It is known that all-natural foods help you lose weight and manage your health too. But how can exactly Til Ladoo make you lose those extra inches you fret over? Let’s find out what properties Til Ladoo has that makes them more desirable now.

Burn fat with Til Ladoo

Til Ladoo has sesame seeds, and it is known that these seeds have fat-burning enzymes. Consuming these Ladoos increases the production of fat-burning enzymes, which helps your body get rid of the excess fat. How? Sesame seeds have lignans which boost enzyme production and cause you to burn more fat.

Til Ladoo are low in sodium

Foods that are low in sodium help you get rid of your water weight. This is exactly what Til Ladoo does. It does something more than that. These Ladoos retain the body fluids and prevent the retention of water in the body. This means you’ll be flushing out the toxins and adding the much-needed fluids to the body. Not to mention Til Ladoo has jaggery in them, which is an excellent blood purifier. Another benefit to note is, jaggery doesn’t spike up your blood sugar levels.

It curbs your hunger

Sesame seeds are an excellent source of proteins which makes them completely healthy to consume. You might not know, but when you take a high protein diet, you eat less. So with every piece of Til Ladoo you consume, you are reducing the urges to eat something at odd timings.  

High fibre content

Another benefit of fibre-rich food is, they help you maintain the muscles while getting rid of the fats. Til Ladoo is high in fibre and low in sugar contents as they have jaggery in them. We all know that anything low in sugar and high in fibre is always good for the body. 

The Bottom line

Everybody knows they binge Til Ladoo during winters, and that shouldn’t be the only time or season to have it. Since sesame seeds are versatile, you can enjoy their benefits while consuming crunchy and tasty Til Ladoo and Gajak.

Weight loss doesn’t have to be a hunger strike, and you know there are ways to lose weight while enjoying your favourite winter snack. So go ahead and order your favourite Til Ladoo from Shahi Food Products. Right from exploring deliciously soul-satisfying sweets to getting them home delivered, you can order your box of sweet treats with just one click.


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