5 Different Types of Gajak You’ll Love!

5 Different Types of Gajak You'll Love!


When it comes to winter foods, saag, jaggery, make ki roti, and gajak have become favorites. For those unfamiliar, gajak is a sweet winter delicacy, also known as chikki or patti. It is the most well-known wintersweet from north-central India. It is a jaggery-sweetened dry sweet made of sesame seeds or peanuts.

Sesame seeds are traditionally roasted and mixed with melted jaggery or sugar syrup. According to experts, the combination of sesame seeds, peanuts, and jaggery keeps the body warm, making it ideal for consumption during the winter season. All over India, there are a variety of these delectable gajaks.

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Different Types of Gajak

Gajak is prepared in several ways across India, depending on the region. In Southern India, it typically gets made as round balls known as ‘laddus;’ in Northern India, the preparation varies slightly, such as substituting sugar for jaggery (sugar gajak) or using peanuts instead of sesame seeds. In this day and age, the humble gajak is available in several flavors, each of which is as popular and enticing as the last. Some well-known varieties include rolls, peanuts, cashews, dry fruits, and classic gajaks.

Here are the top 5 different types of Gajak:

1. Gud-til Gajak

It is the most well-known type of Gajak found during the winter. Sesame seeds and groundnuts are the main ingredients used to make this Gajak, which give this sweet treat a great crunch. Malwa’s flavor will have you drooling over the Gud-Gajak made with jaggery and ghee.

2. Til-revadi Gajak

This Gajak variety is smaller in size but tastes sweeter. Til-revadi Gajak crunch is the crunchiest type of Gajak, made with white til and jaggery.

3. Khas Khas Barfi Gajak

Khas Khas Gajak is a one-of-a-kind combination of Gud, Til, and Khas Khas. It gives the Gajak a distinct nutty flavor and a cotton candy texture.

4. Kaju Pista Shakkar ki Gajak

This Gajak is the most well-known sweet dish associated with the Makar Sankranti and Lohri festivals. This Gajak, rich in texture, resembles little biscuits made with sesame seeds, cashew nuts, pistachios, and cardamom. The dry fruits lend it a rich, flavorful taste.

5. Gur Khasta Gajak

Shahi Gud Khasta Gajak stands in a league of its own. You will find the goodness of sesame seeds and cardamom held together by jaggery or gud. You can feel the richness of the ingredients with every bite.

Gajak Related FAQs

Q1. Which one is healthy Gajak?

Gajak gets prepared from sesame seeds or til and jaggery or gud, which are highly nutritious for winter consumption.

Q2. Which city is famous for Gajak?

Gwalior, in Madhya Pradesh, is famous for its gud Gajak, and you will find several types of Gajak available in this city.

Q3. What is the difference between Gajak and Chikki?

Chikki and Gajak come from different places. While Chikki got created in Lonavala, Gajak found its origins in Indore with a long history. Chikki is made from liquid jaggery, whereas Gajak gets made from powdered jaggery or sugar. Gajak production is also more time-consuming than Chikki production.

Q4. What is Desi Gajak?

The making of Desi Gajak requires desi ghee, sesame seeds, jaggery, and dry fruits. Because desi ghee gets used here, hence the name Desi Gajak.

Q5. What is the difference between Gajak and Tilkut?

Tilkut is a traditional Indian sweet made in Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, and Madhya Pradesh. It is also known as tilkutam, gajak, and tilpatti. Tilkut is traditionally made and consumed during the “Makar Sankranti” festival. It gets made from pounded ’til’ or sesame seeds, as well as jaggery or sugar. Gajak, on the other hand, gets prepared from sesame seeds or til and jaggery or gud, which are highly nutritious for winter consumption.

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