What Are The Different Types of Chikki?

Different Types Of Chikki

Desi Chikki

You probably know what a Chikki is, you might have relished the sweet & salty taste hundreds of times during childhood. It’s such an iconic sweet delicacy that has captured so many memories for us. The times sure have changed and with it, we see a lot of new flavors coming into the market.

From multi-seed to plain peanut Chikki, there are quite a few options to explore. Let’s see how far a simple Chikki recipe can go! Read on to know the different types of Chikki available out there.

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Different Types of Chikki

Over the years, people have experimented with Chikki according to their taste buds & health preferences. There are various homemade variations of Chikki that are far different from the ones available commercially. 

Here are different types of Chikki:

1. Sona Chikki

Everyone probably knows this variation of Chikki, instead of peanuts, sesame seeds or til is used. This is a great choice for winter. There are several benefits of sesame seeds! This makes it great for growing children & elderly people.

2. Cashew Chikki

Most people try to experiment with Chikki with this delicious ingredient. Some people prefer cashews after almonds and hence we can understand the appeal of this combination of Chikki.

3. Dates Chikki

Dates are an important dry fruit in the Western Asian heritage. So, people relishing the taste of dates Chikki is pretty understandable in India. Dates are known to provide energy throughout the day with their high-calorie content.  So people who love to have dates can munch on these yummy dates Chikki.

4. Chik Chak Chikki

All health-conscious people who wish to have the best of both worlds will choose to indulge in Chik Chak or multiseed Chikki. From flax to pumpkin seeds, you can add all kinds of seeds you wish to eat. The best part about these Chikki’s is they are good to have any time during the day.

5. Crushed Watermelon Chikki

Watermelon seeds are known for their skin & hair benefits apart from many others. This is again great for health-conscious people. This really helps you to keep up with your energy levels.

Chikki Related FAQs

Q1. Which one is healthy Chikki?

A multi seed Chikki or the ones made from dates would be considered a healthy Chikki. People who are trying to be fit can opt for these Chikki’s. The best part is that it can be added to the diet easily and it also helps you with your cravings.

Q2. Which city is famous for Chikki?

When people think about Chikki, the only place they can think of is Lonavala. When it comes to tasting some delicious Chikki, one can also find the best ones in Gwalior. Shahi Food Products makes the best Chikki that has been made with love.

Q3. What is the difference between Gajak and Chikki?

The major difference is, Gajak is made from powdered jaggery while Chikki is made from liquid Jaggery. Another difference would be the ingredients, and the way it is presented. Sesame seeds are crushed in Gajak while peanuts are not. Apart from the taste, the time & labor used in making Chikki & Gajak are very different from each other.

Shahi Food Products takes pride in saying that their Gajak is still handmade and uses a traditional recipe. You’ll enjoy a fresh, crispy & crunchy Gajak like no other. You can order Gajak online and get it delivered at your doorstep within a few days.

Q4. Will Chikki Increase Weight?

Not necessarily, If you have anything in moderation even a Chikki, it won’t be the reason you put on some weight. Besides, Chikki is healthy and help you manage your cravings easily. So a small chunk before workout might also help you in reducing weight! All you have to do is manage the quantity.

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